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Case Studies

Case Study:1

Background investigation:

A pre-employment background investigation could have saved one client hundreds of thousands of dollars. The client hired a Vice President of Production based on references alone. 15 months after the employee was hired ; he was offered an another position in the company. He accepted and signed the agreement. Later that month he had an accident on a work site on company time which no one observed. He went on workers’ compensation leave, where he remains over a year later. He is receiving a six figure income and still has in the company. The client became embroiled in costly litigation of this matter and has spent huge amount in legal fees as a result.

The client requested a background investigation to the PUNE DETECTIVES  for the purposes of conducting the litigation. The background investigation revealed a criminal record for attempted fraud, a previous workers’ compensation claim, one Federal bankruptcy and eighteen civil lawsuits related to non payment of debt and contract disputes, three of which were related to former employers. The client remains in litigation which has cost the company significant resources, time and money. This would have been avoided if the client had conducted a pre-employment background investigation prior to hiring the individual.


Case study:2

Cell phone spyware discovered by PUNe detective

A middle-aged woman, began to have marital problems she suspected that her husband might be having an affair. Equally troubling, she feared that her husband was spying on her and monitoring her cell phone usage. She was scared and felt like her husband was watching her every move, and he began bragging about knowing her schedule, routines and future plans. He somehow even knew personal facts that she had only shared via text message to her best friend and confidant, who would never betray her trust .Marriage became strained for her she asked her husband to move on and she filed divorce against him .Few months later her husband moved on and stop spying on her. But she find it strange and suspicious .so she came to Pune detectives to find the story behind it.

Pune detectives found that there was cell phone spying software in her phone.Our experts  was able to remove the spyware from her phone; effectively stopping her husband’s spying. Because all forensic technicians at Pune detectives adhere to state and federal regulations, She was able to submit Pune detectives  report to the federal authorities, to be used as proof in the prosecution of her husband. With a renewed sense of confidence, lady was able to complete her divorce and move on with her life, free from the harassment of her ex-husband.

Case Study :3

Phone no search case study

A Client was getting hang up calls and calls where person used to abuse her from the same phone number several times a week. When she would try to call the number back, it would go switch off or some messge saying not available.  The client contacted Pune detectives to have a search conducted in an effort to determine who the phone was registered to.
Our investigator was able to run the phone number through our databases and came up with a match to the number. From there he was able to ascertain that the phone number was associated with a presidential election campaign.  He also found the following information throughout the investigation:
Account holder name, authorized users, the date the phone number was assigned to the account holder and the billing address.

The information was given to the Client who was relieved to finally know that it was most likely an auto-dialer calling her and wasn’t a stalker or prank caller.

Case study 4:

Cheating mate case study with survillience:

A man got the strong  feeling his girlfriend was cheating on him. Her behavior was consistent with that of a cheating lover. He also learned that she had been meeting an ex-boyfriend for coffee or drinks. He turned to our Pune detective  investigations company to find conclusive answers by having surveillance done on his girlfriend.

The client spoke with the Case Analyst and learned that the best way to catch a cheating mate is by surveillance. The ability to communicate effectively between the investigative team and the client is crucial. An investigator was deployed to begin the surveillance at the girlfriend’s place of employment. He positioned himself in a secured area that allowed constant visual contact with both the exit of the building and the girlfriend’s car. Shortly after 6 p.m., the girlfriend exited the building and proceeded to her car. The private investigator followed her car out of the parking lot, all the way home, while maintaining a safe surveillance distance. The girlfriend went home, and it was assumed that she got ready for an evening out. She had told her boyfriend that was going to the bar with her friends.
In conducting a cheating mate investigation, it is imperative that the private investigator obtain video and digital photographs to document what the subject is actually doing, such as going to a gentlemen’s club, purchasing illicit substances,. In this specific investigation, the girlfriend did meet her friends at a bar. The investigator sat inside the bar with nighttime vision equipment. The girlfriend struck up a conversation with an unidentified male. After some time, the woman departed the bar with the male. At the corner, the girlfriend and male embraced in several suggestive hugs, then went in separate directions.
It was difficult to ascertain based on this one evening if the girlfriend was cheating on her boyfriend. In order to confirm or deny whether a mate is cheating, it is necessary to allow for multiple surveillance sessions to be conducted at different times and locations.

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