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Fingerprint Analysis

Private investigator with the help of retired Government Finger Print analysis and Hand Writing experts would handle all the cases, which involve Finger Print analysis  and Handwriting analysis. Many civil cases are being delayed enormously due the want of opinion by Finger Print and Handwriting Experts Since the strength of such Experts are meager in the Government departments and the pendency of cases are more, such delay could not be avoided and as the result the litigants have been waiting for years together for want of expeditious disposal of cases. Private investigator has already offered its services to all the courts that it could dispose any case where the Expert Opinion is expedient with in a record period of one week by utilizing the services of its panel of retired fingerprint and Handwriting experts.
How it works:
Fingerprints are captured electronically in a friendly, professional environment by one of our certified fingerprint technicians and submitted to Lab and match with records electronically means you can receive criminal history.

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