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Competitor Investigation Services

Private Investigators have combined  5 years of business background investigation, Competitors Investigation Services and business surveillance.

Our custom business intelligence investigation services help competitors, businesses, investors and individuals to investigate the company’s background and their competitors.

We give you pertinent information and business intelligence. We will investigate companies, key employees, officers, executives and partners and will perform a site inspection check.

We offer Competitors Investigation Services and corporate intelligence as follows:

Competitors Investigation Services & Comparative Investigation

– Competitors and comparative business history
– Advertisement and social media investigation
– Intellectual property and brand protection investigation

Business Background Checks & Due Diligence Investigation

– Competitive business lawsuit history
– Business background checks
– Key employees (executives), partners, officers, directors and investors
– Due diligence investigation
– Supplier and vendor screening

Field and Surveillance Investigation 

– Site inspection
– Employment identification and investigation

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