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All our reports are focused, detailed and professional. As well as reporting to you in person (typically by telephone), our report documents the presenting situation and clearly demonstrates we have undertaken an ‘impact assessment’, which shows we have considered the legality of each case. Our report then goes on to document the summarized results of our investigation and where applicable, our ‘Observation Log’ will objectively demonstrate the following: Date; time; place and factually what is observed. This section of the report will be supported by date and time stamped video evidence, which is gathered covertly, where doing so does not compromise surveillance.

We entirely respect your need of being anonymous. In-fact, with most of the clients communication takes place through email and phone. Alternatively, you can assign yourself a different name to hide your identity. In any case, you are in the safe hands when you are dealing with private detective agency.

Please be rest assured about confidentiality & discreetness; they are the main pillars of our agency. Being in the industry for over 5 decades, we have time tested methods which provides required output in strict confidential manner.

Yes, there are numerous agencies across India…many of them are overnight flyers, few others may stop answering your call, at-times such con detectives approaches the other party to get some money. So please be extremely careful about choosing the right agency.

There is no generalized fee. The charge varies from case to case. Once we understand the scope of the case, we can let you know the charges. Our experience enables us to quote you the charges instantly.

We accept all modes of payment such as cash, cheque, demand draft, credit / debit card.

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