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Insurance Services As a long time provider of investigative services to the insurance industry, Private investigation agency. has established a reputation as a leading investigative agency for insurance companies and independent adjusters. Whether it be Accident Benefits,Bodily Injury, Life, Fidelity/Bond, Disability or Auto/Property claims, Private investigation agency. has the experience required to handle your investigative needs in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. Our reports are designed to set out the investigative findings in clear and concise terms for easy reference by the adjuster.


  •  Degree of Disability
    •  Restrictions/Limitations
    •  Daily Activities
    •  Employment Status
    •  Psychological, Neuro psychological and Psychiatric Observations
    •  Mode of Transportation
    •  Wearing of Medical Aids
    •  Caregiver/Housekeeper Activities
    •  Video available in VHS or CD-ROM format
  • Statements/Interviews:
    •  Insured, Claimant, Witness, Caregiver, Housekeeper, Employer
    • Signed Statements Provided in Typed Format
  • Accident Reconstructions/Collision Analysis:
    •  Level 4 accident reconstructionist on staff
    •  Low Impact Collision Analysis
    •  Complete Major Accident Reconstruction
    •  Scene Inspection and Photographs
    •  Vehicle Inspection and Photographs
    •  Detailed Statements of Involved Parties and Witnesses
    •  Visual Statement Software for Enhanced Reporting
  • Activity Check/Inquiry Investigations:
    •  Past Accidents, Injuries, Disabilities, Claims
    •  Employment History
    •  Financial Background
    •  Credibility Issues
    •  Educational Background
    •  Family History
    •  Criminal Background
  • Financial Insurance Services:
    •  Assets/Liabilities
    •  Credit History (with authorization)
    •  Real Property Ownership
    •  Judgments
    •  Mortgages
    •  Liens
    •  Bankruptcy
    •  Company/Business Ownership
    •  Insurance History
    •  Lawsuits
  • Locates: 
    •  Property (load thefts, stolen vehicles, stolen property)
    •  Persons (next of kin, witnesses

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